Frequently Asked Questions


How do I submit an order for service?

Orders can be submitted online, via fax, or over the phone. Submit an order online via this website by filling out the information under the “ORDER” tab and clicking the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. Submit an order via fax to 844-487-5227. Or, call us at 844-4UR-LABS (844-487-5227) with the information required on the Order Form.

How much notice does your service require?

Routinely, we prefer orders by 3:00 pm the day before collection, but high-priority draws can often be added to the daily schedule. Please call us for details.

Do you do PT/INR tests?

Yes. RML commonly accepts and manages standing orders for these tests.

Do you pick up urine and stool samples?


Will RML provide patients with urine collection supplies?

Yes. RML can provide urine collection supplies for patients, facilities, and mobile healthcare providers. Call for more information.

Scheduling Services

When will my orders be scheduled?

Sending your orders as far in advance as possible will ensure your draws/collections are scheduled for the date they are needed. Normally, requisitions received by 3:00 pm, are fulfilled the following day.

How early do you come for fasting draws?

As early as you need them, usually before breakfast.

Do you provide next-day service?

Yes. All next-day requests received by 3:00 pm will be put on the schedule for collection on the next business day. Incomplete or inaccurate orders will require extra time and communication, and may not make the schedule for the following business day.

Do you provide same-day or STAT service?

RML does not currently provide an emergency service. However, if you have a same day request, RML will use its best efforts to re-direct a phlebotomist that may already be in your area. Please call with your priority requests as early as possible.

Is there an extra charge for same-day or STAT services?

There is no additional cost if RML is able to accommodate a same-day or STAT order.

Do you provide weekend service?

We provide weekend service in some areas of the country and we are expanding our service capacity at all of our locations. If you have a weekend schedule that needs to be accommodated, please call us with the details.

Can I get collections on Monday if I have missed the 3:00 pm order cut off the Friday before?

Orders received over the weekend are reviewed for completeness on Monday morning. In many cases, complete and accurate orders can be added to the Monday collection schedule. In the event RML is not able to work weekend orders into the Monday collection schedule (due to patient location or pre-existing workload), RML will schedule those orders for Tuesday collection.

Coordinating Services

How does the patient know RML is coming?

Once the patient has been put on the collection schedule, RML calls the patient, or the patient’s living facility, the night before the scheduled collection to coordinate RML’s visit.

Will RML attempt collection without a patient’s confirmation first?

Possibly, depending upon the patient’s location and proximity to other collection stops. RML will immediately contact primary care providers if the collection process is being hindered by inability to contact the patient.

Lab Results

When will I receive my lab results?

RML is routinely able to provide lab results the same day as specimen collection for many tests. Lab results are released as soon as the entire order is completed. Partial results will be held until all tests are completed - unless prior arrangements are made to receive certain test results on a priority basis.

Can I request lab test results incrementally, or some results ahead of others?

Yes. If there is a test result on the order that is a higher priority than the others, please indicate on the requisition which test result you would like sent separately on a priority basis.

Company Information

What makes your company mobile?

We operate independent, clinical, CLIA-certified laboratories that dispatch mobile phlebotomists daily to bring specimens to our laboratories for prompt processing.

Who oversees your laboratories?

We have certified Medical Technologists in each laboratory, with supervisory oversight. Our Medical Directors (physicians overseeing each laboratory), include pathologists (blood specialists).

How long have you been in business?

Reliable Mobile Labs began operating in 2014. Our team of medical professionals has decades of experience in the medical industry.