Blood & Specimen Collection From Home

For homebound patients, the ability to get out for medical diagnostic tests is a highly-challenging task. Reliable Mobile Labs (“RML”) simplifies this process by assisting patients within the comfort of their own residence.

Our qualified phlebotomists are friendly, experienced, and professional. They have been trained to obtain specimens efficiently and deliver them safely and compliantly to our laboratories for diagnostics and prompt processing of results. We specialize in success with hard-to-find, rolling, and dehydrated veins.

We bill all federal or private health plans directly.

Convenient for Patients

  • Scheduled appointments (to minimize fasting time, as necessary).
  • No travel challenges, or time spent in potentially unhealthy waiting rooms.
  • Fast, accurate results from laboratories.
  • Highly-experienced phlebotomists, with specialty in geriatric patients.
  • All insurance accepted.
  • We process all billing.

Convenient for Facilities

  • We schedule individuals. No more group coordination or transportation.
  • No more burden on family members to provide transportation.
  • More productive use of your staff time to benefit facility and residents.
  • No contracts required.
  • Easy access to RML staff.
  • Simple requisition form.
  • Online ordering available.

Benefits to Healthcare Providers

  • We are normally on site within 24 hours of receipt of lab requisitions received by 3:00 pm.
  • Fax, online, or verbal orders available (with standard compliance requirements).
  • Same day results for many common tests in most areas. Prompt results for all others.
  • Standing orders will be monitored and routinely executed on schedule.
  • Good communications with patients, facilities, and providers are maintained.
  • We have flexibility to adapt our common routines to fit specific preferences.

Benefits to Home Health Organizations

  • All of the above, plus:
  • We can fulfill lab-only requests by physicians, which are non-billable for HHA’s. We bill insurance.
  • We provide expertise for difficult blood draws, e.g., hard-to-find, rolling, and dehydrated veins.
  • We can provide assistance meeting Transitional Care Management requirements.
  • Homebound patients can be referred to RML for PT/INR monitoring when home health is finished.